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Medical Missionary Evangelism

This is a powerful condensed medical missionary training of 24 classes, providing with all you need to start doing medical missionary work now!

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This medical missionary training course is a powerful collaboration of several renowned trainers in the field.

Some of the featured trainers are Narlon Edwards (Red River Wellness & Training Center), Dr. Mark Sandoval (Uchee Pines), Dr. Thomas Jackson (M.E.E.T Ministry), and Gabriel McClover (Vineyard Vegan Restaurant), among others.

This training features 24 Classes that are included in one flash drive:

  1. The Preparation & The Method
  2. The Theme
  3. None of these Diseases
  4. The Story of our Health Message
  5. Role of Sanitariums
  6. Role of Physicians and Medical Missionaries in the Last Days
  7. The Law of Life pt. 1
  8. The Law of Life pt. 2
  9. Hydrotherapy
  10. GODSPLAN (8 Laws of Health)
  11. 10-Day Challenge / Gospel Salesmanship
  12. Mental Health - Biblical Counseling
  13. Nutrition / Evangelistic Cooking Schools
  14. The Publishing Work and The Third Angel's Message
  15. Diet and the Mind
  16. How to Give Bible Studies
  17. How to Turn Your Home Into a Sanitarium
  18. False Methods of Healing
  19. Health Coaching pt.1
  20. Health Coaching pt.2
  21. Practicum - Case Studies
  22. Personal Evangelism Techniques
  23. A Body Thou Hast Prepared Me
  24. Implementing the Plan - TCI/ Evangelism Cycle


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