Meet The Team

Red River Outpost is privileged to have consecrated and dedicated workers that have interwoven their lives together to work for God and the advancement of His kingdom. God truly brought this wonderful team together through His divine providence and for such a time as this. 

The kind of work we are involved in is indeed a pioneering work. From different walks, different backgrounds and training, a group of people were led together united by one common interest, one common mission: to see God’s plan of life fulfilled. Imagine if hundreds of young people could be trained and sent out to show the love of a wonderful Savior, to do Christian help work and medical missionary work. Imagine thousands of people discovering the blessing of wholeness. Imagine people in the cities experiencing salvation and the revitalizing vigor of health. Imagine if people caught the vision of growing their own provisions in the fear of God and were preparing for what is about to come upon the world as an overwhelming surprise.

Imagine the possibility of truly being self-supporting through simple means and teaching others to do so. These dreams and more are the burden and vision of the team we believe Providence has led to Red River Outpost. 

” Above the distractions of the earth He sits enthroned; all things are open to His divine survey; and from His great and calm eternity He orders that which His providence sees best.”  8T 272.6

Each member of the family at Red River has a unique story of how God has led them. Each can tell of that wise providence. Meet the team! 

starting a farm


Ministry for Narlon Edwards began with his involvement in urban evangelism to the metropolitan cities of New York in the late 90’s then in Atlanta. Over the years, He has gained a wealth of experience in Bible work, medical missionary work, literature evangelism and church planting and growth. His passion for revival and reformation has led many to a deeper understanding of God’s way of life. He is especially burdened for the youth and has taken an active part in youth ministry and mentorship leading many to Christ. 

In 2008 Narlon and his wife Samantha Edwards, left well-supported careers to heed God’s call to enter into full-time ministry and self-supporting work. From counseling on family life to conducting evangelistic series and church planting, their experience and burden would stretch even into medical missionary work. His wife Samantha has hosted many cooking classes, counseled on nutrition and has even written her own cookbook The Better Way. Together they began Tree of Life Ministries uniting many lines of ministry and have helped direct other self-supporting ministries in their formation and growth. They have sought to impact lives around the world through their ministry of teaching, preaching and healing. In all this, their one unique passion is to see the Three Angels’ Messages practically lived out and to develop outpost centers all around the world. They believe medical missionary work should be fully integrated into evangelism and burdened to train the church along these lines. 

They also believe God designed each home to be a missionary center and strongly encourage families to take up the work of soul-winning.  Narlon currently serves as the Director of the ‘Total Campus/Community Involvement’ program at Weimar Institute and is the Director of Red River Outpost, strengthened by the hands of his lovely God-fearing wife.  


Romone Gibbs was on track to becoming a computer engineer when God redirected his steps into full-time ministry and self-supporting work. He dedicated himself to this work in 2012. His desire to be trained for soul-winning led him to Ouachita Hills College where he graduated with a BA in Religion. Feeling the need for fieldwork and personal contact with the community, he went on to be a Bible worker in Louisville KY upon his graduation in 2016. The burden of medical missionary work began to weigh more heavily upon his heart, a burden he had from his conversion. He served as a Canvassing Director and took a Medical Missionary training course simultaneously in 2017 followed by evangelistic work as an Evangelist conducting his own series of meetings. Romone’s burden is to see true education and God’s plan of life carried out in an Outpost center and brought to a lost and hurting world.  Romone currently serves as the Associate Director of Red River Outpost.  


Prior to going into ministry, Teri Salvador was a happy, stay at home wife and homeschooling mom. However, Teri, her husband and daughter experienced a spiritual revival in 2011 that changed the course of all of their lives. It was then that Teri, being an RN, felt the call into Medical Missionary Work. She gained valuable, first-hand experience and training while working at the Newstart Lifestyle Center in Weimar, CA. She learned how to use natural remedies, hydrotherapy, became a lecturer for the program and did nutritional counseling with the guests. For Weimar college, Teri worked as the Student Services Director, as well as assistant to the Director of Plant Services, both of which taught her leadership and organizational skills and offered many and varied opportunities to coordinate students’ activities and work. Over time, Teri felt led to pray for God’s will and guidance regarding a growing desire to gain an understanding in agriculture and outpost work. Teri knew God had answered the desires of her heart when the invitation came to join the team at Red River as the Project Manager. A position that God had prepared her for through her many and varied experiences and positions at Weimar. Teri is passionate about helping build this outpost to be a place that is fashioned after God’s blueprint of true education– to be a haven for those suffering from illness and disease and to be a strong arm of service to the local church and community. 


Steven Conine began his service in the Lord’s vineyard in 2011 as a student literature evangelist. Since this time he has served in many canvassing programs as both a leader and canvasser. He has also worked in campus and children’s ministries, refugee outreach, evangelistic series and served as a Bible worker at his local church. Steven has also enjoyed several overseas mission trips which has driven the love of missions deep into his experience. Since 2013, Steven has helped organize and plan for the GYC pre and post-conference events each year. Since 2015, he has had a passion for the integration of true education, agriculture and evangelism. After attending Ouachita Hills College for 2 years, he transferred to Andrews University where he graduated with a bachelor’s in Religion and a minor in Horticulture. In early 2018 Steven received an invitation to join the team at Red River Outpost and without hesitation, he accepted the call. As Farm Manager at Red River, Steven is intensely passionate about demonstrating the link between heaven and earth in the garden. He has dedicated himself to this work not only for the purpose of fulfilling a position at Red River but for the rest of his life as a domestic missionary or in foreign fields. 


Bethany Duffield’s love for true education, agriculture and serving others were fostered early in life by her upbringing in a beautiful Christian home. Bethany started baking bread in 1996 and ran a home bread industry with her sisters for several years. It was in 2015, while working at a health retreat, that she caught the vision for health evangelism and also embraced agriculture for herself. During the following years, she began working at local farms and successfully financed her way through massage school with these means. During a youth conference in 2017, her desire to become an overseas missionary reached a climax and she was determined to go overseas after the completion of massage school. As she waited for God’s call to mission work, she started conducting neighborhood ministry through agriculture, nannying and even opening a small massage business. As she saw no open door to enter the foreign mission field, she sought to  surrender her desire and very soon after received the call to join the Red River Outpost. She had heard of the work being done in Kentucky but had never dreamed that she would be able to be a part of it. She joyfully accepted the call and joined the team at the beginning of 2020. Bethany currently serves as the Head Baker and Farm Assistant at Red River Outpost. 


Jeanelle Ricalde is an RN and a BSN graduate from the Adventist University of the Philippines. Before joining self-supporting work, she was working as a registered nurse. She first dedicated herself to full-time ministry in 2013 after taking medical missionary classes at Uchee Pines Institute in Alabama. Since learning about true gospel medical missionary work, she spent time working as a lifestyle counselor at the lifestyle center there. Following the burden God had laid on her heart to reach others, Jeanelle later enrolled at Ouachita Hills college where she completed the Personal Evangelism course. Then in 2017, excited to hear that some friends were starting just the kind of ministry that God had been leading her to, she knew she wanted to join them. After much prayer, nearing the end of 2018, God led her to move to Kentucky and join Red River Outpost. Jeanelle truly wants to allow God to use her to lead souls to Christ and help them experience mental, physical, and spiritual healing. Jeanelle currently serves as the Bookkeeper and a Lifestyle Educator of Red River Outpost.


Before taking the call to join the work in ministry lines, Cristina Felea was pursuing a degree in Biology. In 2015 Cristina made the decision to become a full-time medical missionary leaving behind her career dreams as she realized God had a special plan for her life. She then attended Lifeline Wellness Center in Illinois and left as a certified Lifestyle and Wellness Coach. Immediately following, she started her coaching ministry to church members and neighbors. In 2016 she decided to further her education in missionary lines and joined a small missionary school in Oregon where she learned agriculture, basic construction, masonry, medical missionary work, bible work and canvassing. During this same time, she volunteered at a media ministry where she served as a graphic designer, virtual bible worker, video editor, website designer and Human Resources manager. In 2017, while at the media ministry, Cristina began to focus more on her entrepreneurship journey and specialized her skills in marketing and communications. Cristina’s passion is to help people experience restoration of mind, body and spirit through following God’s plan of true education. Cristina joined Red River Outpost first as a pioneer missionary and now serves in the department of Marketing and Communications.



Victoria Mandigo first felt the call to full-time ministry in 2007. From 2009 to 2016 she served in three international outpost centers and learned the importance of following all that God has written. She saw the results of not following the model all the way as well as the struggle and hardships that result from beginning a work from the ground up. From these experiences, Victoria learned how to work with other cultures and backgrounds, how to endure hardship, how to teach health and how to conduct medical missionary work under primitive conditions. She also learned how to teach the Bible to those with limited comprehension, how to be adaptable, live on little means and be content with simple things.  In 2017 Victoria joined a media ministry where she was able to improve communication skills, learn about Bible work, leadership, time management and improve her technical skills. In 2018 she also worked at a lifestyle center in Idaho which increased her knowledge and experience in medical missionary work. Victoria has a passion for taking her experience in outpost work and translating it practically into the family structure.  Her experience in true education has been such a rich blessing in her life that she is passionate about others receiving the same. With this comes her burden for teaching and a love for God’s system of living. Currently, Victoria serves in Research and Development and Publishing at Red River Outpost.


Stephen Salvador is a happily married Christian of 31 years to Teri Salvador and a proud parent of their daughter Leilani Salvador.  He is a retired army medic for the United States Army but has dedicated his life to work for the Lord’s army at Red River Outpost. The Lord established his desire to be mission-minded during his military career and upon seeking guidance from the Lord for his physical and spiritual well-being seven years ago, he began to see the hand of Providence when he witnessed families at work for the Lord at ARME Bible Camp. This telling experience led Sal and his family to fast and pray for future experiences with the Lord’s workers. Soon after, the Lord brought his family to California for Leilani’s education at Weimar Institute. This prayerful relocation not only helped his daughter’s academics but also helped Sal’s spirituality and health when he enrolled into the NEWSTART Health program. Those six years spent at Weimar led him to be part of the staff in the NEWSTART Lifestyle Center, a missionary Lab & X-Ray manager at Stallant Health and a deacon at the Weimar Campus Church. Sal is currently the Facilities and Maintenance Manager at Red River Outpost where his family has been led after much prayer. His fervent desire is to seek God’s will and be part of His ministry until His return.  



April Ibarra was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, CA. She gave her life to Jesus at the age of 16 during a summer literature evangelism program. This is where a desire was born to reach lost and hurting people and inspired her involvement in literature evangelism for many years to come. After attending Souls West in 2007 and Weimar College in 2012 she learned more about reaching people through evangelism and health work and gained a first glimpse of self-supporting work. She gained her first rich experiences in those years in the fields of Bible work, preaching, teaching, giving cooking demonstrations and health presentations under Dr. DeRose. Some of the simple things that would influence her were simple tasks like cooking for health guests and taking walks with them that later extended to her efforts to reach her community in Los Angeles. She knew that Sanitarium Outpost center work was the kind of work she wanted to be involved in. Another unique calling April has felt throughout her life is a calling to work with children. Through nannying, she has sought to learn how to reach children’s hearts, teaching them the better way. April has a burden to see each of these branches of Literature evangelism, Medical missionary work, Agriculture, true education, and the family all working harmoniously together, fulfilling God’s plan of life. Currently, she functions in the capacity of Hygienic Cook at Red River Outpost.


Ezequiel Leyva gave his life to Christ at 15 years old and immediately began sharing his faith through preaching and teaching through various lines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Ezequiel went on to pursue full-time ministry and became a student at Souls West and was a colporteur for many years. Ezequiel then went to Ouachita Hills College and graduated with a BA in Religion. He has also been trained in pastoral ministry. He has led canvassing and bible work programs and has conducted several evangelistic meetings. He is passionate about preaching the gospel and is also a talented musician. He currently serves as the Evangelism Director of Red River Outpost.



After experiencing Christ personally in his early teenage years in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, Robert Phillips knew that he wanted to be a missionary. In 2009, at the age of 15, he began to give Bible studies, canvass door-to-door and speak a word for Christ to whoever he could. In 2015, seeking a well-rounded and practical education, he moved out to the country and began working on a farm connected to a lifestyle center. During the next few years he apprenticed with several families and volunteered his time at various health and educational institutions doing farming, building houses, clearing land, learning mechanics, Bible-working, canvassing and practically engaging in medical missionary work. Seeking a like-minded team of gospel workers to unite with, God’s Providence directed him to meet several of the pioneer missionaries at Red River Outpost while he was doing evangelism in Louisville, Kentucky. After much prayer, contemplation and time spent volunteering for Red River, he officially joined the team in January of 2020. His passion is spreading the Three Angels’ Message through the Outpost Work, especially through teaching true education, enabling young people to be useful in this world and ready for the world to come. Though it is by no means an easy work, he hopes to someday see a rich harvest in heaven of souls won to the Savior as they come to know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.


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