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God has a ministry plan and a purpose for you. Are you seeking to fulfill the call that He has placed within you? Are you interested in exploring opportunities at the Red River Outpost where you can share the gospel? Opportunities such as these are available from time to time:



Food Service Providers

Grounds Keepers



Property Care

And more!

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How can I get involved?

Send a message for more information!

When is the start date for the training school?

Join our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and YouTube to keep abreast of the latest happenings.

What is the age range for students?


How long is the program?

Minimum one year – depending on level of experience and progress this could vary from individual to individual

Can I come and visit?

Volunteers and visitors are always welcome! Contact us to schedule a visit.

Can Red River Outpost come and assist in a ministry project?

Yes! Contact us for availability

Is the Wellness Center accepting guests?

Yes! Take a look at our Wellness Schedule »

Are there volunteer opportunities?
How can I support?

Take a look at our ministry needs