Build Your Own Outpost

At this practical and dynamic rural camp-meeting you will get to learn all about starting your own outpost, from learning how to be self-supporting through agriculture, health food work and canvassing, to learning how to do city missions through medical missionary work. You will learn what true education is, how it is connected to the three angels messages and and how to transform your home into an outpost according to God’s blueprint.

JULY 2nd – 5th @ Stanton, KY

$20 Registration Fee. Children 12 & under FREE 


What You’ll Learn

Agriculture 101

Agriculture is the A, B and C of true education. As Israel of Old, each family is still called to have their own garden to sustain their families. In this workshop you’ll learn all about starting your garden, sustain your family and also bless your community with the produce as well, but most importantly, you’ll learn how this is a means for the harmonious development of body, mind and spirit.

How to Start City Evangelism

You’ll learn practical ways on how you can work your own city from your outpost. In this session you’ll learn about treatment rooms, hygenic restaurants and how to work in connection with your local church.

How To Start an Home Sanitarium

As every member of our church is called to be a medical missionary, in this session you will learn all about how your own home can be a small sanitarium. You’ll learn the principles and real life examples on how to start being a medical missionary and change people’s lives in your community.

How To Start Industries

Being self-supporting is an essential part of Outpost work, and here you will learn more about starting a health food business and you will also learn about literature evangelism and how you can support your outpost as a colporteur.

Featured Speakers

Narlon and Samantha Edwards

Narlon and Samantha Edwards

Red River Outpost Founders

Narlon and Samantha have a deep burden for Outpost work. With a  wealth of experience in Bible work, medical missionary work, literature evangelism and church planting and growth, he and his wife started Tree of Life ministries and Red River Outpost and recently founded SOWN foods, a health food industry.

Romone Gibbs

Romone Gibbs

Red River Outpost Assoc. Director

Romone has dedicated his life to this work since 2012. He was a former canvassing director and medical missionary student at M.E.E.T ministry, the place where his deep passion for Outpost work began. After years of deep study of God’s blueprint for Outpost work he helped start Red River Outpost.

Dr. Thomas Jackson

Dr. Thomas Jackson

M.E.E.T Ministries Director

Dr. Jackson has a Ph.D. in Health Science (Preventative Medicine) and is a Christian Hygienic Practitioner, a Gospel-Health Evangelist, and Christian Health Educator with 30 plus years of experience. He and his wife are the founders of M.E.E.T ministries. He will be presenting on how to start a home sanitarium.

Gabriel & Vonnelle McClover

Gabriel & Vonnelle McClover

The Vineyard Cafe

Owners of the Vineyard Vegetarian Café in Summerville GA. Their family has worked with hundreds of individuals over the past 4 years — educating them about plant-based nutrition to help prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle diseases. Their family business/ministry is combining agriculture, restaurant, and medical missionary work.

Steven Conine

Steven Conine

Red River Outpost Farm Manager

Since 2015, Steven has had a passion for the integration of true education, agriculture and evangelism. He intensely passionate about demonstrating the link between heaven and earth in the garden. He has dedicated himself to this work not only for the purpose of fulfilling a position at Red River but for the rest of his life as a domestic missionary or in foreign fields. 

Rocky Davis

Rocky Davis

KY/TN Conference Publishing Director

Rocky has been involved in the literature evangelism ministry for over 40 years. He has been also part of the founders for Red River Outpost. He desires to see an army of youth rightly trained for God. He has extensive experience in training successful canvassers for God as the publishing director of the KY/TN conference.  Come learn about this important finishing work and how it can help you become self-supporting. 

Location & Environment

The Camp-meeting will be located at Red River Outpost

3276 Pecks Creek Rd, Stanton, Kentucky.

Red River Outpost is surrounded by beautiful mountains, with plenty of running creeks and various caves. Come prepared for an amazing summer outdoor camping experience at our campus during the camp-meeting.

We are close to some beautiful nature attractions such as the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge which can be visited and enjoyed. The Red River Gorge is one of the greatest nature attractions on Kentucky and the camp-meeting is located at about 20 min drive from it.



The registration fee will be of $20 per person – Children under 12 are FREE.


Meals for FRIDAY LUNCH and SABBATH LUNCH are available for purchase at $7/mealChildren 3 and under are FREE.

Payment Options:

  • Make payment on-site upon arrival
  • Mail a check
  • Pay through PayPal or Zelle

The information needed to pay will be sent to your email once registered for campmeeting.

Campmeeting Schedule

Thursday 7/2

12:00-5:30 Registration

2:30-5:30 Market Open

4:00-5:30 Campus Tour

6:30-8:00 Evening Session – What is an Outpost with Narlon Edwards.

9:30 Quiet Time

Friday 7/3

6:45-7:15 Morning Manna

7:30-8:30 Breakfast

9:00-10:30 Plenary Meeting – City Evangelism with McClover Family

11:00-1:00 Breakout Sessions – How to Be Self-Supporting

1:30-2:30 Market Open

1:30-2:30 Lunch

3:00-5:00 Agriculture Workshop

5:00-6:30 Sabbath Prep.

6:30-8:00 Evening Session – How to Do A Home Sanitarium with Dr. Thomas Jackson

9:30 Quiet Time

Sabbath 7/4

6:45-7:15 Morning Manna

7:30-8:30 Breakfast

9:15-10:30 Sabbath School with Romone Gibbs

10:30-11:00 Mission Spotlight

11:00-12:30 Divine Service – Narlon Edwards

1:30-2:30 Lunch

3:30-5:30 Guided Hike

6:30-8:30 Plenary – True Education with Romone Gibbs

9:30 Quiet Time

Sunday 7/5

6:45-7:15 Morning Manna

7:30-8:30 Breakfast

8:30-9:30 Red River Market Open

10:00-11:00 Final Charge with Dr. Thomas Jackson

11:30 Campus Tour

NOTE: There will be Children’s programs available during the camp-meeting

Getting Here and Lodging


Bluegrass Grass Airport (LEX) 1 hour drive from Red River Outpost

Louisville International Airport (SDF) 2 hours away

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) 2 hours away

Camp-meeting Address:

3276 Pecks Creek Rd, Stanton, KY


Camping at Red River: We offer FREE campsite spots at our campus. We do not provide shower facilities. Porta Potty and potable water sources available.

Abner’s Motel in Stanton, KY: 15 minutes away. Prices range from $65/night to $90/night. Options for kitchenette, various sizes of beds and free WiFi available.

(606) 663-4379 

Additional Information


We provide friday lunch and sabbath lunch for a small fee.

We will also provide fire pits to cook with for those that have their own food. A portable camp-stove is highly recommendable to bring.

Our Red River Market will be selling baked goods such as bread and granola on our campus.

Kroger is about 20 minutes from Campus. A communal camping kitchen will be provided.

Bring your RV

We will provide FREE available spots for self-contained RVs on our campus.

What to Bring?

Bible, notebook, writing instruments, food for your family, cooking implements (propane stove, pots/plates, eating utensils – fire pits available), dish soap and sponges, tent or RV (unless staying in town), sleeping bags, blow-up beds, pillow, weather appropriate modest clothing, hat, light jacket, hiking shoes, gardening gloves, personal toiletries, water filter (optional). 

DO NOT BRING: Pets and firearms.

Any Questions?

Wether is about registration, more information about the camp-meeting or outdoor camping experience, or anything, we are here for you!

(859) 813-0774